Carbon Country Club Golf Course Personnel Address Growing Safety Concerns


For many years, the Carbon Country Club Golf Course has been a staple in the community for local golfers to enjoy a morning or afternoon perfecting their swing and mingling with fellow golfers. The picturesque location draws in many who wish to enjoy the outdoors.

However, PGA Head Golf Professional Thomas King has noticed a growing concern at the golf course that he wished to address. While the golf course is open to the public for those that wish to golf following paying fees, there has been an influx of community members that attempt to utilize the golf course as a type of park or walking area.

King and his staff have noticed individuals walking with strollers, using the course for photos and more. He noted that although it is a public golf course, it is not public park. It is open to the public to play golf, but it is still a business and there are safety issues, which is the main issue. King stressed that, oftentimes, it is hard to know where a golf ball is coming from and anyone could be hit with an errant ball. The public using the course for other than what it is intended for creates many liability issues.

The Carbon Country Club is located at 3055 North Highway 50-6 and staff may be reached by phoning (435) 637-2388. For nine holes with a cart, the price is $20.50 and 18 holes with a cart is $40. Nine holes walking comes to $14.25 while 18 walking holes is $27.50. While the community combats COVID-19, the concessions are being limited to take-out only.

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