Castle Dale City Installs Disc (Frisbee) Golf Course


Pictured above is part of the disc golf course located at USU Eastern. The Castle Dale course will feature similar equipment. 

By Julie Johansen

Nosh Arrien, maintenance foreman for Castle Dale City, announced to the council during a meeting last week that the city’s disc (frisbee) golf course would be ready for play on May 17.

The nine-hole course is located at Cheddar Park between the baseball park and playground area and is free and open to the public. This sport is played much like golf, counting the number of throws to get the disc between the chains and in the basket. It can be played as a single or doubles.

Also during the meeting, the general plan drafted by the Land Use Committee was discussed in detail and a public hearing will take place at the next council meeting before the plan is adopted.

Doug Folsom, TAP representative, presented an award to the city for its safety and risk management practices. He stated that this would give the city a discount on their workers’ compensation payment. He commended the employees for safe work practices.

It was also reported that water scheduling will remain the same as previous years even though the water supply is more abundant this year. It was then approved that some lots in the cemetery will not be sold at this time due to landscaping issues with small trees.

Next up, citizen concerns where addressed, which included the vacant lot on the corner of Center Street and Second North that had once been cleaned by the city but has grown over. The neighbors expressed that they want attention given to the lot again.

Connor Cramer requested a donation to help him with expenses for Boys State. The city donated $100, asking him to be sure and report upon his return.

Following reports by the mayor, council and department heads, the rest of the meeting focused on the budget for 2020. A public hearing will be hosted in June regarding the budget.

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