Price City Officials Engaged and Working to Help Residents Navigate COVID-19


Price City Press Release

During these difficult times, Price City officials and staff are fully engaged in trying to help residents navigate the COVID-19 situation.

Price City is routinely briefed on what is happening on the local, state and federal levels, and is making every effort to pass that information along to residents. City officials strongly encourage everyone to follow established COVID-19 guidelines and procedures, which are updated regularly at

Generally, city officials want to remind residents to practice social distancing, refrain from gatherings that include more than 10 people, be kind to others and support local businesses.

City officials are continually evaluating economic conditions and working to ensure that the city remains on sound, financial footing and that critical services are not interrupted. “We have the right people in the right places doing the right things that will help us get through these challenging times,” said Price City Mayor Michael Kourianos. “We appreciate everything that our staff, and our government and private sector partners are doing to help us.”

City officials are keenly aware of the hardships facing local residents. To that end, Price City is prepared to work with households and businesses experiencing hardships due to COVID‐19 with their utility bill arrangements.

For more information regarding potential utility bill arrangements, residents should contact the Price City Utilities Office. Residents are encouraged to call or use electronic services whenever possible.

Anyone coming into the office will be required to be respectful of social distancing. Staff has been instructed to only allow one person in the collection office at a time. In an effort to ensure there is adequate staffing to answer calls and assist customers, the City is changing collection office hours of operation to 8 a.m. through 5 p.m.

“We are in a very fluid, uncertain and fast-moving situation,” said Kourianos, “We are working hard to make good decisions and implement best practices based on sound data and reliable information. We appreciate the understanding and support of our Price City community as we navigate through and out of these turbulent waters.”

See additional contact information below.

  • Pay Bill Online at
  • Drop off bill in drop box on the east side of the Price City Hall Building
  • Call to make utility payment over the phone
    • Heather Sandoval – (435) 636-3197
    • Wilma Barnett – (435) 636-3196
    • Shiloh Tonc – (435) 636-3180
  • Cemetery Information
    • Shiloh Tonc – (435) 636-3180
  • Business License Information
    • Shari Madrid – (435) 636-3161
  • Questions for the Mayor or Price City Council
    • Sherrie Gordon – (435) 636-3183
  • Electrical Information
    • Steven Richardson – (435) 636-3166
  • Media Contact
    • Rob Behunin – (801) 400-3649
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