Construction on Millsite Dam Rehabilitation Moves Forward


By Julie Johansen

Construction on the Millsite Dam is pushing steadily forward. The main concentration at this time is on building the embankment and filters for the dam. With about 50 feet of embankment left to be placed on the downstream face of the dam, the ongoing work includes safety precautions, embankment work, compaction tests, vegetation removal and filters that allows the moisture drain to away from the soil. Weather permitting, the soil work should finish in 2019.

The final review on the redesign of the concrete for the spillway has not yet been received, but is expected soon. Reportedly, the modifications on the spillway worked very well during the large runoff this spring, which had a maximum inflow of nearly 1000 cfs (cubic feet per second). Some maintenance work on the end of the spillway was needed because of the wood debris that came with the spillage, but everything else withstood the spill.

The hydraulically-powered outlets are boiling with water for irrigation and excess water to help relieve the water going over the spillway. The reservoir is currently holding about 12,000 acre-feet and when completed should hold about 18,000 acre-feet, allowed by the increase of four feet in the finished embankment.

The Millsite Golf Course remains open and still has 18 holes for play with the temporary installation of the bridge between holes two and three. The greens have been reported to be much better this year due to a great water year and improved care.

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