Council Members Discuss the Price City Library Basement Program


This week’s Price City Council brought more to the table with a public hearing concluding the meeting.

The meeting was kicked off by councilman Layne Miller discussing the weather getting warmer, meaning that children and others will be spending more time outside. He mentioned that as drivers, everyone needs to be more aware and watchful of people on the side of the road.

Concluding the regular meeting, there was a public hearing for a discussion on the Community Development Block Grant concerning the Price City Library’s basement program. This is a grant that is being put into motion to construct a ramp for better accessibility for those in wheelchairs who enjoy using the library services. The construction for the ramp may also be a stepping stone to more in the future. Nothing is set in stone yet, only the priority of creating a ramp for those in wheelchairs and any others who may need to use it.

The goal is for this ramp to become the main entrance in “consideration of families,” including those who use wheelchairs or strollers. Library staff and board members have also been very adament that they want safety as a top priority for coming and going from the library.

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