Emery County Power Plants Discussed at PacifiCorp Public Hearing


By Julie Johansen

A public hearing to discuss the progress made by PacifiCorp of its regulatory compliance to its coal combustion residuals (CCR) at both the Hunter and Huntington Power Plants as required by Title 40 of the Federal Registry was hosted Tuesday afternoon at the Castle Dale City Hall.

Jeff Tucker, Principle Engineer of the Environmental Services Department for PacifiCorp, illustrated the topographical lay and discussed the groundwater flow of each power plant. He also gave a timeline, very similar for the two plants, regarding the assessment monitoring of the groundwater, the background comparisons, the second assessment monitoring and the site analysis to establish groundwater protection standards.

These assessments included upgradient and downgradient wells to make the comparisons of the impact of the ash landfills at the plants on the groundwater. Once these tests were taken, appropriate measures have been installed to correct the harmful metals from infecting any ground water off of PacifiCorp’s property.

These measures have been horizontal reflective drainage systems to direct the small amount water from the landfill to stay on the property. None of the groundwater drained from the Huntington Plant reaches the Huntington Creek, even with its proximity is close to the plant. Although other solutions are available, the drain reflection system is keeping the contaminates away from downstream and parameters within safe requirements. Constant monitoring and measuring are being conducted at all times to meet the requirements of Environmental Protection Agency.

Although there were no public comments and few attended other than PacifiCorp employees, the company will consider any public comments written and received by Aug. 26. Those interested may contact Tucker at (801) 220-2989 or jeff.tucker@pacificorp.com.

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