Fleeing Man in Emery County Located by Authorities


The Emery County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) reported that the man that fled from police on Thursday morning has been detained. The sheriff’s office released the report at 7:16 p.m. on Thursday.

“After 15 hours of searching for a man who fled from law enforcement officers in the early morning hours, we report that after a tip from an attentive citizen, the suspect was located in Lawrence and has been arrested,” the ECSO shared on social media. “More information will be given as details are obtained, but for now rest assured that the suspect is in custody in the Emery County Jail.”

According to the ECSO, around 1:45 a.m. Thursday morning, a clerk from Maverik in Castle Dale reported that a man had entered the store carrying a gas can. He asked for $2 for gas money. When the clerk refused, the man left.

He then ran out of gas a couple of blocks down the road. He walked back to Maverik and offered to sell the clerk his sunglasses and earrings for gas money. The clerk offered to call the Emery County Sheriff’s Office for help with gas, at which time the man declined and left. The clerk deemed this as suspicious behavior and called ECSO Dispatch Center.

Deputy Kurt Price and Deputy Keaton Cowley responded to the vehicle located near Family Dollar. There was no one in the vehicle. After running the plates, it was discovered that the vehicle was listed as stolen out of Colorado.

In the meantime, the man stole a truck from Grant Automotive. Deputies pursued him in the east end of Castle Dale, crossing through the ball fields and rodeo grounds several times. The man eventually crashed the truck into a dumpster at the apartments near the car wash and fled on foot.

Deputy Price pursued the suspect on foot, and Deputy Cowley pursued in his patrol vehicle. Additional patrol was called out and the search continued in the dark in a several block radius in Castle Dale. Deputies checked parked vehicles and buildings with open doors.

After daylight, Sheriff Greg Funk, Deputy AJ O’Neil and Deputy Michael VanWagoner searched the former Christmas tree farm on the east end of Castle Dale. They located tracks and followed them to SR10, where the tracks were lost. Other agencies joined in the search throughout the day, including the Division of Wildlife Resources, Division of Natural Resources, Adult Probation and Parole and Utah Highway Patrol. Additionally, Emery County Search and Rescue was flying two drones in Lawrence.

Around 15 law enforcement officers were searching for the suspect, many of them walking between seven and 10 miles clearing buildings, sheds, vacant homes and vehicles.

At 4:45 p.m., an attentive citizen noticed the suspect hitch hiking eastbound on the South Lawrence Road. She immediately notified ECSO Dispatch Center and the search was then concentrated on that area. Law enforcement officers were on foot going several miles up and down the washes, and some were stationed on high ground for surveillance. Homeowners were notified and properties were searched.

With no sign of the suspect, searchers requested a key to a vacant home that is being renovated. Four ECSO personnel and one AP&P Agent made entry into the home. The subject was located barricaded in a bathroom where he was verbally called out and taken into custody without incident at 6:58 p.m.

Several law enforcement officers were on duty for up to 18 hours straight during the search. ECSO wants to recognize the number of man hours from multiple agencies that participated in this search throughout the day. Temperatures in the 90’s and many miles on foot with little sign of the suspect made for trying conditions. ECSO appreciates the efforts of all involved. The State DPS helicopter was on standby for a night search, and arrived just a few minutes before the suspect was apprehended.

The suspect has been identified as 34 year-old Jabarri Sekou Mugabe Hunter from California. He is currently being held at the Emery County Jail pending formal charges.

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