Governor Hopeful Greg Hughes Stops in Castle Dale on Campaign Trail


Hughes and his daughter Sophia visited Castle Dale on Friday.

By Julie Johansen

Greg Hughes, who recently announced his candidacy for Utah Governor, made a stop on the campaign trail in Castle Dale Friday afternoon.

The governor hopeful announces himself as a conservative republican who grew up in Pittsburgh with a single mother during rough times. Hughes later came to Utah following a church mission to further his education and eventually married, starting a family and a small business here.

Hughes lives in Draper, voting District #51. He was a member of the Utah House of Representatives for 16 years, four of which were as the Speaker of the House. His campaign slogan is “Greg – Getting it Done for Utah.”

Hughes is known for his position on education reform. He stated that not everyone fits traditional education and calls for expanded parental choices in charter, online or public schools. Hughes explained that he is against federal encroachment and for increased transparency in education. He also fought against Obamacare expansion in Utah.

When asked about economic growth for rural Utah, he explained that he is in favor of a satellite of inland ports throughout the state. With the highways, rail system and water, he sees Carbon and Emery areas as great places to develop an inland port. “Jobs comes into port areas. If Salt Lake doesn’t want it, then let’s take to those who do,” said Hughes.

“Growth in Utah is a challenge,” Hughes continued. “As the Wasatch Front fills up and economic growth is needed in rural Utah, the key to keeping our children here is with jobs and affordable housing. We don’t want them to be our biggest exported item.”

In regard to tax reform, Hughes reminds that he was not a member of the House during the recent tax reform legislation and he feels that it could have, and should have, been done differently. The citizens need to know and understand what they are trying to do, he said.

Hughes has been married to his wife Krista for 25 years. Together they have three children, Sophie, Holden and Reagan.

To learn more Hughes and his views, please click here. 

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