Health Department Announces Soft Closure of Restaurants, Full Closure of Other Facilities in Southeast Utah


The Southeast Utah Health Department (SEUHD) hosted a press briefing on late Tuesday morning regarding the steps and precautions being taken against the COVID-19 pandemic. Braden Bradford of the SEUHD spoke, stating that he wanted to reassure all that at this point, there are no confirmed cases of the virus in the surrounding area.

The first message he wished to convey is one heard many times. If you are sick, stay home and monitor your symptoms. If you feel as if you need medical attention, encouraged telehealth through an app or otherwise. Bradford encouraged those that wish to see a doctor in person to call beforehand. In matters of great urgency, be seen immediately.

Following this, he announced that an order will be issued under the authority from Utah Code 26-A in what he feels is in the best interest of Carbon, Emery and Grand counties. The order is a soft closure of restaurants, restricting them to delivery and curbside pickup.

There will be closures of places of public gatherings such as theaters, gyms, workout facilities, clubs and other places that result in the gathering of a number of people. Only guests that can prove they are working in the county will be allowed in overnight lodging. It was also announced that campgrounds will be closed as people finish their stays.

Bradford believes if action is not taken now, residents and healthcare will suffer. He referenced the flattening of the curve by social distancing.

He stressed this isn’t a closure of business and encouraged all businesses that remain open to practice social distancing. There is not an issue with the supply chain with food and grocery, but all should be mindful as to how and when they are shopping.

Bradford stressed these decisions have not been made lightly. He also included a travel advisory, requesting that those that do not absolutely need to travel to remain close to home.

“This is a new and significant action and I understand that,” Bradford stated. He concluded that he believes this is the best to protect the residents of the counties.

This will take affect beginning at 10 p.m. tonight and will remain effective for 14 days before reevaluation.

To view the entire order, please click here. 

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