Helper City, Carbon School District Seek Safe Routes to School Grant


By Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman

Helper City is working to secure a Safe Routes to School Grant in conjunction with the Carbon School District. The overall object of this request focuses on city planning objectives, which address our environmental needs and ensures safe conditions for walking and biking in Helper.

This effort specifically addresses safe routes to school, which includes repair of existing routes for our student population along with our overall community to promote healthy lifestyles and activities. Along with addressing the physicality of the route, educational activities for students, parents and community members have been conducted yearly and will be expanded based on our current transportation plan. This effort is focused on repairing the swinging, bridge which connects the east and west sides of Helper.

The bridge leads directly to a tunnel and stairway, which concludes at Helper Middle School. The bridge has historical relevance and is utilized not only by students, but the community at large. This request, if funded, will replace the wood, fencing and covering to ensure safety for those using it.

This will enhance the safety of our students and community. Helper City is excited to engage the Utah Department of Transportation on this funding opportunity. The current use of the bridge reduces the number of children traveling along our busy Main Street to get to school. Any time children travel on busy streets, it creates an environment which increases the possibilities of accidents. As an older, rural community, we are in need of updating our infrastructure, especially as it relates to the walkability of the city. Improvements to the bridge will increase the ability of the children to safely access Helper Middle School.

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