Helper City Council Tackles Multiple Items


The Helper City Council started out its September meeting on Thursday evening with a public hearing.

This public hearing was in regards to a Community Impact Board (CIB) grant application for a GIS system in the amount of $40,000. While the hearing was opened and the council waited for comment, none was received. Following the closing of the hearing, the application was approved.

Then, the council was visited by local John Axelsen who made a formal request for the council to make it easier for the people’s voice to be heard during meetings. He stated that, during the last meeting, he felt as if he did not need to be there and witnessed multiple hands raised with nobody called on.

Mayor Lenise Peterman acknowledged the request and stated that, with high emotions running due to certain topics at the previous meeting, she deemed it important not to call on anyone and risk raising emotions even higher.

Axelsen did research with other city councils and found that Helper is one of the only that does not host a public comment period during their meeting, which he suggested be changed. Council member Donna Archuleta agreed with Axelsen that it was prudent for the community to feel as if they had their say.

While no action was taken on the request, the council will take Axelsen’s remarks into consideration for the future.

Cindi Curry also visited the council with the proposal for a Boys and Girls Club in the former city hall building. While she stated that she requested to speak with them at a later date for better preparation, she did state that she plans to speak with Olivia Dudding-Rodriguez from the Price location for ideas and information.

The council wholeheartedly agreed that it was a great idea and are excited to see it move forward.

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