Helper Duo to be Recognized for Bettering the Community


Lenora Callor was joined by Neida Garcia and Lois Giordano on Thursday evening as they visited the Helper City Council for a special proposal. This proposal came in the form of Callor wishing to introduce a plaque in Garcia and Giordano’s honor for being the first two individuals that came into Helper to begin the beautification process.

The plaque is going to be 18×20, made out of aluminum with round corners and copper over the top that will boast the words dedicated to the duo. Photographs of both woman will also be featured on the plaque along with flower detailing.

Callor stated that, at first, they were looking to put the plaque by the gazebo on Helper’s Main Street but it is getting very crowded.

Now, they are in the process of looking for a new location for the plaque to be featured. Many different areas were discussed between the council and Callor, though an exact location has not yet been decided. Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman was quick to agree on what a great idea the plaque was, praising the women highly on what they have completed.

“I know you are the ladies who started this. It’s wonderful; we truly appreciate it and I’m fond of both of you,” Peterman enthused.

Mayor Peterman then asked how the plaque was being completed and what the city needed to do to assist. Callor stated that it is essentially taken care of, with a gentleman that is donating the aluminum and the overall costs mostly being covered. Pipe is also being donated and Callor stated they are mostly looking for a home.

Callor then informed the council that they are hoping to place the plaque during the last week of July and Mayor Peterman was quick to state that they would ensure that it was accompanied by a large celebration. Callor agreed, stating that people have heard it is happening and are already excited to attend and meet the ladies.

Suggestions for the placing of the plaque can be directed to the council or Callor, who is going to visit again in the beginning of July with a list of suggestions for the location to be chosen.

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