Keep Your Family Busy with USU Extension


USU Extension Press Release

Is the COVID crisis causing you to feel cramped and crowded? If you are tired of trying to keep the kids, and yourself, busy, USU Extension provides a library of online courses for everyone! And even better, many are free or offered at a discount as a way to help Utahns navigate life’s current challenges.

Some pressing concerns and how we can help:

  1. Keeping relationships strong, especially in times of stress.
    Visit for free online courses about smart dating, couples, fatherhood and parenting. In total, there are six courses with 15 sessions being offered!
  2. Finding engaging activities for youth while they’re not in school.
    The free Discover 4-H curriculum provides 82 topic areas to help keep kids busy – from 3D derby cars, astronomy, food science and animal care to surviving a zombie apocalypse, cake decorating and coding. Visit and you will see that many of the activities can be done with things you already have in your home!
  3. Gardening for both enjoyment and self-sufficiency. helps you Grow with Us! We offer fact sheets, podcasts, monthly tips and checklists, as well as nine online gardening courses. Courses are $25 each, but are currently offered at a reduced rate of $15 with code SPRING20.

Have fun keeping everyone “unbored” and engaged as we navigate these unusual times!

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