Letter to the Editor: Dogs Running Loose in Price


Dear Editor,

This is a letter to all the dog owners that live in South Price or any other area of Price. This morning, I found my cat in my yard and he had been mauled to death by a dog sometime during the night on Friday, March 29. I am really tired of those of you that let your dogs run lose on nights and weekends. I have lived in this area for over 40 years and during that time I have had many dogs, they were either contained in the yard or in the house and when I walked them they were on a leash, not left running loose.

A week ago, two Price city officers spent two hours searching the neighborhood for two loose dogs (they never caught them). I am sure these two officers had better things to do than try to round up dogs. I do know where one of the dogs is located and just to warn you, If I can trap them in my yard – I will!! And you will have to pay the price to retrieve your animal from the dog pound. It is not fair that some people think they are above the law and let their animals run loose to kill an innocent cat. Yes, he was old and probably couldn’t get away – but that is beside the point, your animals shouldn’t have been running loose.

Sad and disgusted in Price.

Mrs. G.W. Davis
Price, Utah

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