Letter to the Editor: Speeding in Spring Glen


Dear Editorial Staff,

I write concerning what I feel is a serious problem in Carbon County. A street with an inappropriate speed limit lies in our county. I am referring to 2000 West in Spring Glen, which does not have a single structure on it that is not a residence.

There are two exceptions to that; one is a community park and the other is an LDS church. With all this in mind the speed limit is set too high at thirty-five miles per hour.

Granted many use this convenient street on their way to and from school and work, however, there are also many people walking, exercising and children riding their bikes along the edge. There are no sidewalks, just a white stripe on both sides. I have talked with many neighbors, and to the nth degree we feel the speed limit should be lowered to a residential limit of twenty-five miles per hour.

At least two dogs have been seriously injured and it’s only a matter of time before a child comes to a similar fate.

People regularly drive at speeds of 40 MPH or higher all the while talking on their phones or texting. Even school buses travel too fast; I have called the Carbon School District office but nothing seems to change. County deputy sheriffs parked along the edge of the street are only a temporary fix.

Please, county commissioners, do the right thing and correct this inequity before it’s too late.

Sincerely yours,
Ken Pitts
Helper, UT

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