Miss Carbon County Royalty Visits Commissioners


Two members of the Miss Carbon County Royalty made a stop at the first 2019 commission meeting on Wednesday evening. Miss Carbon County Gracie Steele was accompanied by Miss Carbon County Outstanding Teen Eminie Elliot.

They began their presentation by introducing themselves to the commissioners and stating that they are representing Carbon County. The duo then went into a brief history, stating that Miss Carbon County has served for over 60 years and is a branch of Miss America and Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization.

A brief breakdown of the crown and the history as well as opportunities given through the organization were also presented. Elliot and Steele then spoke on their platforms chosen and how they must have a passion for them. Steele’s platform is about the addiction issue that plagues the area while Elliot’s focuses on health and fitness.

Commission Chair Casey Hopes praised the girls for their platforms, stating that the addiction epidemic is one that is close to his heart.

“The opioid addiction is one that hits home to me. I have several friends that have suffered from that,” Hopes said.

The duo then requested financial assistance for the Miss Utah Competition in March. The commissioners had copies of shared invoices that consisted of a breakdown of costs. Steele and Elliot asked for any support to help accomplish goals and represent the community. They also stated that they wished to be contacted in the future for any events and projects they could provide assistance for.

Commissioner Hopes informed the royalty members that typically, the budget is compiled between October and November and the yearly budget is already set. However, he also stated that the royalty was included in the budget and suggested that, in the future, they visit during those months to request assistance.

Ultimately, the commissioners approved $1,500 for Miss Carbon County and $400 for Miss Carbon County Outstanding Teen.

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