Nine Mile Canyon Partners With Agents of Discovery for Interactive Augmented Reality Game


Photo Courtesy of Agents of Discovery

Agents of Discovery is an educational platform as well as an augmented reality mobile game. This mobile game is a great opportunity for customers and partners such as parks, forests, zoos and museums to use as a platform to create their own augmented reality game for patrons.

Oftentimes, the partners previously listed have interpreted staff that will educate visitors on what they are sharing. This mobile game is a great way for kids from ages five to high school, as well as adults and families, to go out and learn about the content in an exciting and hands-on way.

Nine Mile Canyon has recently partnered with Agents of Discovery to create their own augmented reality game for those that wish to tour the canyon. Once the site has created the game, also called a mission, it is published instantly into the Google Play Store or the App Store. Youngsters and families can then download the app from their device for free. Once downloaded, the app does not require data or WiFi to run.

This app, that has been described as similar to Pokemon Go but educational, is fully created by the staff of the particular site. In Nine Mile’s instance, the creators are archaeologists. An excavation is currently ongoing and Agents of Discovery will be used to encourage the youth to explore and learn about the prehistoric excavation of the Fremont Culture.

Nine Mile’s app with Agents of Discovery, funded through the Bureau of Land Management, is currently available and will run until the end of December. To download the app, once in the app store Agents of Discovery should be searched for and downloaded. From there, selecting missions after login will provide the option for Nine Mile Canyon.

“Agents of Discovery is very excited to partner with the Bureau of Land Management,” stated Alexandra Pony with Agents of Discovery.

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