Due to delinquent rent and other charges, Park N Stor Self Storage is selling/disposing of the contents in the following units.

The ENTIRE contents of each unit listed below will be considered as sold effective at 8:00 a.m. Friday, MARCH 6, 2020

There will NOT be a public auction!!

Tenant City State Zip Unit BRIEF listing of contents

Market Express location – 850 S. Carbon Ave., Price, Utah

Arnold, Angelina F. Wellington, UT 84542 M108 Boxes misc household & loose items, C-Mas, chair, dusters

South Location – 175 E. 2750 S. (Hwy. 10) Price, Utah

Callahan, Aspyn J. Price, UT 84501 S204 Mattress, 10x +/- boxes/totes clothes/household

Dunegan, Sheila Price, UT 84501 S222 Bed, cabinet, boxes/totes household items, dressers, table, recliner

Fox, Stephen C. Green River, UT 84525 S188 Various tables, furniture, misc household, boxes/totes

Hadden, Mitch Helper, UT 84526 S18 Crates/boxes household & misc items, dressers, tv, bed, freezer

Haycock, Brenda L. St. George, UT 84790 S115 Chest, sacks, boxes, dresser

Keller, Laurie Price, UT 84501 S135 Lamp, dresser, table, household, pictures, boxes, clothes, vacuum

Lovato, Roberta M. Price, UT 84501 S209 Couches, dresser, bed, shelf units/ent centers, 2x short dressers

Martinez, Fannie M. Price, UT 84501 S224 W/D, boxes/totes/sacks household items, clothes, misc, vacuum, dressers, fishing pole, bed, fridge, misc furniture

Murdock, Lauran A. Price, UT 84501 S164 Chest, various tables, chairs, beds, lawn mower, boxes/sacks misc household, saddle rack, lariat, grease gun

Pate, Kendra Price, UT 84501 S24 Boxes, household items, videos & misc, various tables, bed, ent center dvd player

Quinn, Pamela Murietta, CA 92562 S139 Various tables, niknaks, hardware, electronics, kitchen items, vacuum, ladder, walkers, desks, boxes/totes misc items, BBQ, weed sprayers, porta potty, hand saw

Wood, Rochelle Orangeville, UT 84537 S114 Snow shovel, gas can, corner rack, ironing table, 30x +/- boxes household & misc, 2x chairs, suitcase, motorcycle tire, bed frame

East Location – 2551 E. Highway 6, Price, Utah

Chappell, Cheryl Moab, UT 84532 E251 Bed, hand cart, tire, fan, cooler, misc furniture, bike, boxes/ totes/ loose household

Clark, Amber D. WVC, UT 84128 E352 Racks, sm shop vac, misc ext cords, boxes/totes/loose household, baby items, BBQ, golf bag

Maxfield, Amanda Helper, UT 84526 E261 Boxes/totes household, toys, misc furniture, various misc items

Polito, Michelle Price, UT 84501 E110 Boxes/totes household, furniture

Savala, Emmanuel J. Helper, UT 84526 E223 Shop/auto items, tv’s, W/D, BBQ, furniture, kitchen items, toolbox/tools, bikes, boxes/totes misc household & various items

Turner, Angella E. Kenilworth, UT 84539 E346 Furniture, beds, pillows, box misc clothes

Published in the ETV Newspaper on February 19 and 26, 2020.

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