Price City Council Cautions Drivers During Construction


During the Price City Council meeting on Wednesday evening, council member Rick Davis spoke about improving safety within the community.

His main point was that there are quite a few roads in Price that are currently under construction. Davis mentioned that everyone on the road, or near the roads, should be careful through these areas. He specifically told those in the meeting to watch for others on the road, driving or not.

Part of the city’s road maintenance program, roads are being improved through a two-step process. The improvements began by laying a new layer of small rocks to cover the surface of many roads in the city.

“The rocks are called a ‘chip seal’ and it is the first of a two-step process to maintain the roads,” said Miles Nelson, Price City Public Works Director. “For a chip seal, a layer of oil is sprayed onto the road and loose rock chips are spread across the oil. The chips are then rolled into the oil to help make them stick. Over the next week, vehicle traffic presses the chips firmly into the oil. The leftover loose chips are then swept up, leaving a new surface on the road.”

“The second step,” Nelson continued, “is called a slurry seal that will cover the rough chips with a nice, smooth black surface. The chip seal was a very fast process but the slurry seal will take some time to cure before traffic is allowed on the streets. This usually takes about four hours.”

Please contact the Price City Public Works Department with any questions about the road maintenance at (435) 637-5010.

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