Carbon County is currently seeking applications to fill vacancies on the following boards and committees for terms beginning July 1, 2020:

The Board of County Commissioners appoints members to a number of boards and committees which advise and assist governing County programs.  Serving on an appointed board or committee is a great way to participate in decisions that affect you and to learn more about how local government works.

Volunteer boards and committees play a variety of important roles and are designed to encourage citizen participation in government, provide representation of different interests and viewpoints, and to take advantage of specialized skills, expertise and experience among persons generally employed in areas other than government.

These various boards also advise the County Commissioners on service priorities, how to distribute available resources, and how to improve collaboration with the communities within the County.


Number of Vacancies: Five

Positions: Three four year terms
Two two year terms (county representative and municipality representative)

The Carbon County Economic Development Board (CED Board) will consist of at least five regular board members, with at least one member from each of the following sectors: 1) county representative, 2) representative of a municipality in the county; 3)  workforce development representative; 4) private-sector representative; and 5) member of the public who lives in the county.  The CED board shall assist and advise the county legislative body on: 1) applying for a Rural County Grant; 2) what projects should be funded by grant money provided to a rural county under the program; and 3) preparing reporting requirements for grant money received by a rural county under the program.

The county legislative body may also appoint additional members with experience or expertise in economic development matters. In appointing members of the CED board, the county legislative body may consider gender and socioeconomic diversity. CED Boards are subject to the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act (52-4-101-104, 201-210, 301-304), and are expected to abide by ethics in governance, and conflict of interest practices.

If you are interested in serving Carbon County and would like to be considered for appointment to fill one of the vacancies, please complete and submit the application form that is available on Carbon County website at or from the Commission Secretary by emailing If you have any questions or would like more information concerning these positions, please feel free to contact the Commission office at 435-636-3226.

Applications are due May 29, 2020. Appointments will take place at the June 3, 2020 regular commission meeting.

Published in the ETV Newspaper on May 13 and 20, 2020.

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