SEUHD Loosens Sports Restrictions


ETV News stock photo by Dusty Butler.

The light at the end of the tunnel may appear closer after Governor Gary Herbert amended the state’s order to begin “to allow training and skills development for sports teams.” In line with the Governor’s amendment, Bradon Bradford, Health Officer of the Southeast Utah Health Department (SEUHD), released a statement listing requirements for teams to follow as the state phases out of quarantine.

While teams can now physically meet, there is a 20-person limit, including players and coaches. Spectators are not allowed and there should be no congregating in parking lots or other areas. Players must arrive to practice separately (no carpooling) and wear masks when not actively training.

Competitions are not allowed and players have to remain at least 10 feet apart during all aspects of practice or training. Hand sanitizer must be used throughout the gathering.

Although there may seem to be many restrictions still in place, it is a good in the right direction.

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