The Helper Project Receives Boost Thanks to Generous Artists


Photos courtesy of The Helper Project

Eighteen paintings recently garnered over $110,000, a portion of which will be given to The Helper Project in order to foster revitalization, promote beautification and enhance cultural aspects of the city.

According to The Helper Project, each artist that sold a painting in this effort will be donating a portion of their sale to The Helper Project. These paintings will be on display through the first week of October. Members of the community can view them at AMJWorks Gallery, located at 167 South Main Street in Helper.

“Thanks to all for the tremendous support the opening exhibition of Helper and the Landscape received from the community as well as our out of town guests,” representatives from The Helper Project shared.

Anne Morgan-Jespersen founded The Helper Project in August 2016. Since then, 16 projects along with special events and exhibitions have been completed and tens of thousands of dollars have been invested back into the community.

Upcoming for The Helper Project is the Train Depot Community Workshop on Sept. 7. Community input is highly requested for the Helper Train Depot Pedestrian Corridor Project. The workshop will begin at 4 p.m. at the train depot grounds.


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