Upcoming Fair to Connect Students with Local Businesses


In response to suggestions that were made in the 2017 Strategic Planning Session that was conducted by Carbon County, a number of entities have joined together to host a career fair at Carbon High School (CHS) that will welcome all high school students in the county.

This fair is being hosted by the Community Economic Council, Carbon County, the Department of Workforce Services, Pinnacle Canyon Academy, Carbon School District and Utah State University Eastern.

The goal of this fair is to introduce students to a myriad of local employers and industries. The fair will also educate students on local career opportunities. At this time, up to 45 businesses are being sought to provide short presentations to the students. These students will be required to attend this fair instead of their regular classes and those hosting hope to have two or three employers share a 20-minute time frame.

Businesses that sign up for this fair will be met with the great opportunity to promote their business, meet future employees, provide mentorship and more. This fair is slated to take place at CHS on Tuesday, Nov. 26 from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. There will be breakout sessions beginning at 9 a.m., 9:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. Following that, businesses are encouraged to remain until 11 a.m. for students to have an opportunity to ask additional questions.

Each classroom will be equipped with a projection system and internet access for use. Teachers will be remaining in their classrooms in order to monitor student behavior. Representatives from USU Eastern will also be on hand to provide answers on certifications, training and degrees with students. Students will be assigned to a presentation based off of an internet survey they will take beforehand.

Businesses that wish to participate have the following responsibilities: to send at least one representative and prepare a 5-10 minute presentation for students that includes a brief description of the business, skills required, an explanation of opportunities for advancement and promotions, and opportunities for internships or work-based learning.

If there is a business owner that is interested in signing up for the career fair, please contact Nicole Steele with the Department of Workforce Services at (435) 636-2319 or nsteele@utah.gov. Those interested may also fill out a Google form by clicking here.

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