**Seeley Fire Update: 10:30 a.m. 7/5/12** Explosives Found During Clear Creek Back-burn Operation


During a back-burn operation in the Clear Creek areaВ WednesdayВ evening, 1,800 pounds of undetonated explosives were found and appropriately disposed of, said Carbon County Sheriff Public Information Officer Wally Hendricks.

Firefighters found the explosives in an old storage facility. According to Hendricks, the explosives were burned but not detonated.

Carbon County Sheriff James Cordova and Carbon County Emergency Management Director Jason Llewelyn were on scene along with bomb squad members and local hazmat who mitigated the situation for firefighter safety.

Though the situation was serious in nature, Hendricks said that these situations come up more than one might think.

“This is a very typical thing when you fight fires,” he said. “It is already built into the action plan.”

Many in the Carbon County area were treated to a fireworks show last night in the hills above Gordon Creek in West Price. Because of restrictions regarding fireworks in the area, the show was actually the result of a back-burn operation. The Gordon Creek area was cordoned off to the public for safety reasons, with only local resident access.

“Flames did not get close at all,” Hendricks said about the proximity of flames to the Gordon Creek area.

Other notes:

Cory Lowder, an Evacuation Coordinator with Carbon County said four of the Type 2 firefighter teams will leave the fire today. Four hot shot teams will arrive to take their places.

The Seeley Mountain Fire increased in size over night to 42,126 acres with 17 percent containment.

To date, no structures have been burned. Total cost of the fire has reached $3.1 million.






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