**Seeley Fire Update 7/8/12** Fire Now 47% Contained

Saturday’s Fire Activity:

About 0.25 inches of rain fell over the fire on Saturday, concentrated most heavily over the northern end. FireВ activity remains low due to the moderated weather along the southwest, west, northeast, east and southeastВ perimeters of the fire. Crews continued to patrol and mop-up in these areas. Crews continued to build directВ containment line on Candland Ridge on the west side of the fire. The concentrated rain caused debris flows inВ several areas of the fire, creating material deposits up to three feet deep in some locations. As an example, debrisВ flow material coming out of Mud Flow creek moved all the way north to Scofield Reservoir. Crews completedВ fireline from Castle Valley Ridge to Trough Springs in the northwest corner of the fire. The fire remains south of theВ community of Clear Creek. Heat remains in the top of Vicks Canyon presenting control challenges in combinationВ with the heavy down and dead fuels locations. Due to the steep, rugged terrain in this area, the fire continues to beВ held in check with the assistance of a heavy helicopter.


Crews will continue working on direct containment lines in Candland Canyon, Mud Creek, and Magazine Canyon.Crews will also continue with mop-up and patrol around the entire fire perimeter. Crews will look for controlВ options in Vicks Canyon. Rehabilitation of dozer and handlines will begin. Structure protection remains in place.


Road blocks on Miller’s Flat Road were removed at 7:00 a.m. today, allowing the public to now use the Miller’s Flat route all of the way through, from Fairview on the northwest to Orangeville on the southeast. Travel east into the fire area off of this route will be prohibited. Scofield remains open but access is only on SR-96 from SR-6 on the north, to the south edge of town. A road block remains in place at the south end of Scofield to prevent motor traffic from continuing to Clear Creek on SR-96. SR-31 and SR-264 from Fairview are NOT open and you cannot get to Scofield by using these roads.  Remaining evacuations are: Electric Lake and Clear Creek.

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