118 Active COVID-19 Cases in Southeast Utah


On Monday evening, the Southeast Utah Health Department announced 118 active cases of COVID-19 within the region, This includes 71 in Carbon County, 36 in Emery County and 11 in Grand County.

Of these cases, 74 have been reported in the past four days with 46 in Carbon County, 18 in Emery County and 10 in Grand County. Three regional patients are currently hospitalized due to complications from the virus, including two Carbon County residents and one Emery County resident.

According to the health department, there have been 131 breakthrough cases of the virus. These are cases where an individual became infected with the virus despite being vaccinated. Two of these breakthrough cases have resulted in hospitalization while one case has resulted in death.

Vaccine distribution has slowed in the region, but 17,318 residents are fully vaccinated. In total, 17,924 residents have received their first dose. This equates to full vaccination of the eligible population of 47.68% in Carbon County, 45.77% in Emery County and 63.91% in Grand County.

With this data, the entire region remains in the high transmission level for COVID-19.

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