12 Rounds of Questions Determine Castle Dale Elementary Geography Bee Winner


By Julie Johansen

On Friday, 23 students participated in a geography bee at Castle Dale Elementary. The students represented fourth, fifth and sixth grades in the competition. Principal Melinda Durrant was the contest moderator and read the questions to each student.

At the end of seven preliminary rounds, the field of contestants was cut to three: Jorgen Robinson, Tyler Frandsen and Jace Frandsen. These three students competed in the final rounds. The questions were not previously studied and all three contestants were asked the same question, wrote their answers at the same time and then simultaneously read their answers to the judge.

At this point, the third place winner was determined. Tyler and Robinson advanced to the championship round. Robinson answered more questions correctly and was chosen champion with Tyler placing second and Jace in third.

The top two winners are both fifth grade students and third place, Jace, is a fourth grader. Robinson will now be required to pass a test online in order to qualify for state competition in the spring.

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