128 Pounds of Can Tabs Collected by Local Youngster for the Ronald McDonald House


Journey Justesen, a five-year-old local who was born with a total of seven heart defects, was recently granted her dream wish of visiting “Moana’s Island” through the Make-A-Wish foundation. Justesen made the wish a year prior, but had to wait until she reached age five before she could make the journey. During that time, her parents tried to think of a way to distract their daughter while she waited for her dream to come true.

Justesen makes frequent trips to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. While at the hospital, her family is able to stay in the Ronald McDonald House and be close to Justesen during her visits, procedures and more.

Justesen’s parents had the idea to encourage her to collect can tabs to exchange for a donation to the Ronald McDonald House. This began with a minuscule amount of tabs and grew quickly on a very large scale. Family members and community members alike banded together to assist.

Peczuh Printing, Castleview Hospital and even a dance studio in California began collecting the tabs. Justesen would also happen upon a tab on the ground and excitedly scoop it up for her collection. Individuals would even bring their collected tabs to Justesen’s home to add.

The family would like to thank everyone who got involved; Journey’s big brother, Brendan Gordon along with his co-workers at Peczuh Printing, staff members at Castleview Hospital, Justesen’s cousin, Chloe along with the staff & students of On Pointe Dance Studio in Norco, CA, Chloe’s aunt Cindy Bizal, Brian Cordero of Chino CA, his entire 4th grade class as well many friends and members of our local community.

Thank you for “Pulling for Journey”.

The collection outgrew the small jar, a five-gallon jug and beyond. Recently, Justesen took her tabs to Howa’s to weigh them on a scale and was astounded to learn that she had gathered a total of 128 pounds of can tabs. These tabs will soon be donated to the Ronald McDonald House thanks to Justesen’s determination.

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