14 Sterling Scholars Named at Southeastern Competition


Schools from across Southeastern Utah came together on the USU Eastern Campus on Wednesday to compete in the 2016-17 Sterling Scholar competition.

The competition features seniors from high schools across the region who display excellence in a given area of academia. Students are expected to create a portfolio of their accomplishments in scholarship, leadership and citizenship and then face an interview before three judges to determine a winner and two runners-up in each category.

Categories at the competition included Drama & Vocal Performance, Visual Arts, Mathematics, Social Science, Science, Music, English, Skilled & Technical Education, Business & Marketing, Family & Consumer Science, World Language, Forensics & Speech, Dance as well as Computer Technology.

Carbon High School swept the competition with 10 Dinos being named as winners in various categories.

Winners received an iPad from Emery Telcom as well as a significant cash prize for the students’ to further their education. Runners-up and school representatives were also awarded cash prizes due to various sponsors, including Emery Telcom.

Results from the competition are as follows:

Drama & Vocal Performance: Winner: Ryan Morley (Carbon) Runners-up: Ariannah Groesbek (Grand) & Garrett Stilson (Emery)

Visual Arts: Winner: Easton Bowring (Monticello) Runners-up: Bjorn Nicoliason (Grand) & Carlee Anderson (Emery)

Mathematics: Winner: Logan Engar (Carbon) Runneres-up: Carver Black (San Juan) & Aubreyona Migliori (Emery)

Social Science: Winner: Paul Bryner (Carbon) Runners-up: Kenyon Birdwell (Grand) & Ty Meecham (Emery)

Science: Winner: Jaylene Knowles (Grand) Runners-up: Brenda Payan (Carbon) & Allyson Woolsey (Emery)

Music: Winner: Sadie Crompton (Carbon) Runners-up: Savanna Silversmith (San Juan) & Kaili Merrell (Emery)

English: Winner: River Richards (Grand) Runners-up: Madelin Hope Lindsay (San Juan) & Kody Wells (Carbon)

Skilled & Technical Education: Winner: Tiffany Fiechko (Carbon) Runners-up: Catherine Pratchen (San Juan) & Daryl Guymon (Emery)

Business & Marketing: Winner: Chloe Teuscher (Carbon) Runners-up: KrysTelle Noyes (San Juan) & Spencer Squires (Monticello)

Family & Consumer Science: Winner: Hannah Powell (Carbon) Runners-up: London Imlay (San Juan) & Erwin Cly (Monument Valley)

World Language: Winner: McKenna Sorenson (Carbon) Runners-up: Noah Kemner (San Juan) & Monique Bowman (Emery)

Forensics and Speech: Winner: Tobin Wainer (Grand) Runners-up: Kyler Wakefield (Emery) & Kanyon Beecher (Carbon)

Dance: Winner: Abbigail Fausett (Carbon) Runners-up: Simone Burton (Emery) & Kimberly Starkweather (San Juan)

Computer Technology: Winner: Nathan Carpenter (Carbon) Runners-up: Layne Deeter (Monticello) & Riley Rasmusson (Grand)

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