Emery County School Board Approves Hiring of Four New Coaches


At the April meeting of the Emery County School Board four names were presented to the board for hiring approval.

Denise Smith, assistant cheer coach at Emery High; Dallice Webster, assistant cheer coach at Green River High; Tawyna Winn, drill coach at Emery High; and Jon Faimalo, football coach at Emery High, were presented. All were approved. Letters of resignation were read from Roseann Dawes and Leslie Larsen; these too were accepted. Letters of retirement were also read for the board’s information from Jon Crawford, student services administrator; Jim Jones, principal of Canyon View Junior High; Deborah Blackburn, bus driver and educational assistant at Ferron Elementary; Jackie Wilson, educational assistant at Huntington Elementary; and Jeannie Jensen, speech and hearing assistant. The board anticipates more letters of retirement but that is all it has received at this time.

Superintendent Kirk Sitterud then explained a state evaluation instrument for support staff that is now specific to the positions they occupy. Compensation will be tied to this instrument. This will be similar to the evaluation instrument for teachers. It will not be required for part-time employees. Sitterud recommended approval of this evaluation instrument.

Cottonwood Elementary Principal John Hughes then welcomed the board to his school, this being his first year as principal. He was excited to report many of the successes they are experiencing at Cottonwood Elementary. Hughes spoke about their math program using the new Go Math and told of hiring an intensive math assistant, Mrs. Roberts, who works with grades 3-6, and Susan Powell who is giving assistance in grades K-3 in reading. They are anticipating another assistant next year using their trust lands money. Hughes told of the success of the Road to Success Mrs. Carroll is directing in the library. Students have read over one million minutes in this program.

Hughes related that their school donated over $800 to Averie Ward and that the sixth grade also donated their field trip money to  Averie. He was grateful to a very active PTA who has given each teacher $500 for teaching supplies and materials. Hughes feels a close sense of community in his faculty and staff. He also thanked Sitterud for help with staff and teachers.

Hughes continued as he spoke about a new program being investigated at Cottonwood Elementary called Mastery Connect. This would eliminate homework and require students to learn at school. They have found no correlation between homework and mastery. This program gives immediate feedback as to mastery for the student as well as the teacher.

Jared Black, business administrator, then reported that they have just received the budget numbers from the state and will begin to work on the budget now.

The superintendent’s report began with a tribute to Mrs. Nina Gray, a former teacher and administrator in Emery School District who passed away this past week. He also wanted to recognize the district financial department for receiving a certificate of excellence once again from the International Association of School Business Offices. Sitterud then handed out a book of legislative bills that would affect education in Utah following legislature action this past session. He drew attention of the board to the two bills that Governor Gary Herbert has vetoed, SB 87 and SB 2, which deal with funding. He handed out information for land trust money use training, asking each board member to read and study.

Emery Education Association President Neal Peacock informed the board that the Utah Educators Association has filed a suit against the state board of education in an effort to get the state board to follow its own laws and procedures.


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