16-Year-Old Knocks Over Power Pole, Causes Power Outage in Price


A 16-year-old driver knocked over a power pole Wednesday afternoon at 100 East 476 South in Price, knocking out power to residents on the south side of town.

Marcus Adams was adjusting his CD player when the accident occurred. He veered off the right side of the road striking the power pole and subsequently caused the blackout.В It isn’t known how many residents were affected by the outage.

Adams was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries.

When asked about the accident, Price City PoliceВ Sgt. Bill Barnes said Adams “Got a little distracted” and drove off the side of the road.

Barnes said that experience is very important when a driver is distracted.

“Most Adults have learned that when you’re looking at some place else you keep your hands and the steering wheel straight,” he said. “Kids tend to when they look to the right to play with the CD player they turn the steering wheel a little bit to the right instead of keeping it straight. It’s just a little lack of experience.”

No other injuries or damage was reported.


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