2.7 Earthquake Rumbles Near Clawson


A 2.7 magnitude earthquake was recorded to have rumbled through the area on Friday morning. According to the Utah Seismograph Stations (UUSS), the earthquake was reportedly about nine miles southeast of Clawson.

Earthquakes have been the topic of conversation for many Utahns lately, especially those that reside in the area and closely surrounding, as many have been recorded near Castle Country.

However, Governor Gary Herbert touched briefly on Utah earthquakes during his monthly news conference on Feb. 28. During this conference, Gov. Herbert stated that Utah experiences around 500 to 600 earthquakes each year, but most of them are small.

He continued by urging citizens to prepare themselves rather than worry themselves. In the Bluffdale area alone between Feb. 13 and 21, over 100 earthquakes were recorded.

Tracking earthquakes in the area and viewing how many have struck certain parts of Utah can be found by clicking here.

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