2013-14 Pinnacle Basketball Preview


Pinnacle Boys show heart and desire as they head to new season

Pinnacle Boys Basketball Coach Cameron Gardner is not sure at all what to expect. This is his first year coaching at Pinnacle High and his first season at the 1A level. He also does not have much returning experience coming back with only two players with varsity experience.

He sees that the players have a great desire to win and are willing to put in the hard work to make it happen. He wants to take them from players and make them a team.  He said that getting them to trust in each other is a top priority.

They don’t have a weight room, so conditioning and basic drills have dominated early season practices.  Gardner is going to start slow with strategy and build as the team progresses through the season.

He is looking forward to the season and watching the team develop.

Chemistry to fuel the Lady Panthers heading into 1A action

The Pinnacle Girls Basketball team has many returning players to begin the season with. They are looking at their third coach in less than a year because of medical issues in the middle of the season last year. Coach Robert Harmon is stepping in as head coach this season. He has coached in many 3A and 4A schools so dealing on the 1A level is pretty new to him.

He sees the experience and will use it to build on as he and the team learns together.  Many of the girls already have played on the volleyball team this season so they have good chemistry and have shown a willingness to learn.

Coach Harmon has a little height to work with and hopes that the team stacks up with others around the region. He feels a bit apprehensive as he looks ahead because he is used to knowing much more about the opponents his team will face. But Harmon is taking the positive energy the team has shown so far and looking ahead for a successful season.

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