2016 Kidsmobile Derby Takes Place During International Days


Kids of all ages along with their families could be found at the corner of 600 North and 100 East in Price to participate in the Kidsmobile Derby on Saturday morning as part of the International Days festivities. The races began at 1 p.m. and were free to all youth that ranged in age from seven to 10 years old.

Families were able to make their own cart or simply use carts provided at the derby. The competition was broken down in groups depending on age and gender, beginning with boys that were ages seven and eight and ending with girls that were 10 years old. The derby went on until approximately 4 p.m.

The results of the derby are as follows: the winners of the Princesses (girls ages 7-8) were Charlee Miller and Morgan Donaldson. The Unicorns winners (girls, age 9) were Madi Barlow, Isabella Jones and Lilly Seeley. The winner of the Mermaids (10 year old girls) was Lizzy Carpenter. The Wolves (boys, ages 7-8) who won were Brandon Loaiza, Zac Thompson and Brody Ware. The Bears (9-year-old boys) winners were Kaden Vasquez, Tyler Stillson and DuRyan James. The Lions (10-year-old  boys) who won were Trayven Gray, Jonny Jewkes and Ryker Butler.

The top time overall went to Trayven Gray, Kaden Vasquez and Jonny Jewkes. Participation patches are available for pickup at the Scout shop for those that participated.

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