2018 Declaration of Candidacy for Castle Country Seats


Many eager candidates have rolled up their sleeves and made the choice to run in the 2018 Carbon and Emery County elections. Recently, the Declaration of Candidacy was signed by those that are running.

In Carbon County for Commission Surveyor, current County Commissioner Jake Mellor (Republican), Tony Martines (Republican), Melvin. A Coonrod (Independent American), Joe Christman (Democrat), John Jones (Democrat) and Paul Riddle (Republican) are in the running. Edward Chavez (Democrat), Amber Sparks (Republican), Jay D. Daugherty (Republican), Cheryl Lupo (Unaffiliated), Larry G. Jensen (Republican), Ryan Murray (Republican) and Kendra Seeley (Republican) are all vying for a County Commission seat.

Those that signed up to run for the Clerk/Auditor are Sulika Laulu Merrell (Democrat), David B. Petty (Republican), Glenna Etzel (Republican) and Seth Marsing (Republican). Returning to be the Carbon County Sheriff once more is Jeff Wood, who will be running unopposed. For the Utah Local Board of Education, Lee McCourt (District 5) and Wayne Woodward (District 4) are in the running.

Jeremiah “Jeremy” Humes (Republican) be on the ballot once again for Carbon County Attorney. The Utah House Seat 69 candidates are current Carbon County Commissioner Jae Potter (Republican), Ccurrent Representative Christine F. Watkins (Republican), Danielle Pendergrass (Democrat) and Tim Glenn (Democrat).

In Emery County’s race, Kent Wilson (Republican) and Gil Conover (Republican) are each running unopposed for a seat on the county commission. The Emery County Attorney position sees two candidates, current County Attorney Michael D. Olsen (Republican) and David A. Blackwell (Unaffiliated).

In the race for Emery County Clerk/Auditor, Brenda Tuttle (Republican) and Russell Larsen (Republican) are both running.

The Emery County Sheriff position is a popular one, looking at three candidates for the position, including Keaton Cowley (Republican), Greg Funk (Republican) and John Barnett (Unaffiliated).

Marie Guymon Johnson, Mike Justice, Nicky Nielson and Julie Ann Jones are vying for Emery County School District  seat #4 and Royd Hatt is alone in the race for Emery County School District #5.

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