2018 Memorial Day Forest Service Campground Status and Safety Tips


Forest Service Press Release

This Memorial Day weekend promises to be the first of many busy weekends on the national forests of Utah. Some higher-elevation campgrounds, roads and trails will remain closed due to snow and extremely wet, muddy conditions.

Safety is always a concern. Rivers, streams and creeks are running very high and fast and are extremely dangerous. Please be careful and keep a watchful eye on children and pets while recreating in these areas, especially in campgrounds near water sources.

For the safety of the public and protection of bears, the Forest Service is encouraging campers and visitors to practice Bear Aware safety while visiting the forest.

Forest users are reminded to ride only on designated routes. Remember to always be a responsible rider. You can obtain Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM’s) that display the roads and trails are open to motorized vehicles at https://www.fs.usda.gov/uwcnf

When hiking, always carry extra water, food and outer wear. Let someone know where you are hiking, approximately what time you will return and avoid hiking alone. Be prepared for a change in weather conditions.

Make sure campfires are completely extinguished. Most importantly, enjoy your national forests!

The following is a listing of Forest Service campgrounds that will be open for Memorial Day weekend. Before heading out for the holiday weekend, check with local ranger district offices for the most current information regarding the area you are planning to visit.

Ashley National Forest (435) 789-1181 or https://www.fs.usda.gov/ashley
Warming spring weather has allowed for quick snow melt this season, most campgrounds and popular dispersed camping spots will be available across the Ashley National Forest.

Vernal Ranger District (435) 789-1181:
All campgrounds will be opened in time for Memorial Day weekend. As of May 17, the road up to Hacking Lake, as well as the road up to Topeka Lake is impassable due to snow, but with warming weather it is hopeful that it will be open by Memorial Day weekend. Please call the Ranger District for more info and updates on road conditions.

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area (435) 784-3445:
All campgrounds are open with fees except Spirit Lake. Spirit Lake is closed due to snowy conditions, however the gate will be open and the campground will be enter at your own risk. Visitors using the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area will have to pay a use fee in designated areas. Day passes are $5, seven-day passes are $15 and annual passes are $35. Passes are available in Manila, Utah and in Mountain View, Rock Springs and Green River, Wyoming and local businesses in and around the Flaming Gorge area.

Duchesne/Roosevelt Ranger Districts (435) 738-2482:
All campgrounds are open. Some 
campgrounds may not have water available, and are very primitive but at least one campground up each canyon in the district will have water available. There may be a possible delay in some of the campgrounds due to hazardous tree removal, please call the Ranger District for more info on roads and campgrounds.

Dixie National Forest (435) 865-3700 or https://www.fs.usda.gov/dixie
Warm winter conditions have led to drought conditions on this forest. Dixie National Forest asks that visitors pay attention to their fire, never leave it unattended, and when putting out their fire to remember that it must be cool to the touch. Fire restrictions are not yet in place.

Pine Valley Ranger District (435) 688-3246:
All campgrounds are set to be open by May 20. Pine Valley campground may or may not have water. Please call the St. George Interagency Office at: (435) 688-3200.

Cedar City Ranger District (435) 865-3700:
All campgrounds and picnic areas will be open with water and fees for Memorial Day weekend. Please call the Cedar City Ranger District for the most recent information.

Powell Ranger District (435) 676-9300:
Red Canyon is currently open with full amenities. Coyote Hollow Equestrian is currently open for dry camping (water will be turned on at a later date, but is not potable-horse use only). Kings Creek campground will be open with water on May 22. Please call the District office for current information Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or the Red Canyon Visitor Center (435) 676-2676, Monday, closed Tuesday’s until June, through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Escalante Ranger District (435)-826-5400:
All campgrounds will be open with water and fees. Please call the Escalante Ranger District or the Visitors Center for the most recent information. The Visitors Center is open seven days a week, Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Visitors Center (435)-826-5499.

Fishlake National Forest (435) 896-9233 or https://www.fs.usda.gov/fishlake
ith light winter weather this season, little to no closures will be in effect by Memorial Day weekend, and Fishlake National Forest asks visitors to remember to tread lightly on public lands.

Beaver Ranger District (435) 438-2436:
Little Cottonwood, Mahogany Cove, Kent’s Lake and Little Reservoir campgrounds. Ponderosa picnic area will be open with water and fees. City Creek campground will be open with no water or fees. Tushar Lakeside campground will open with water and fees. LeBaron and Anderson Meadow campgrounds will not be open.

Fillmore Ranger District (435) 743-5721:
Maple Grove and Adelaide campgrounds will be open with water and fees. Oak Creek campground will be open and water system may be operational, plan accordingly, use fees apply. Chalk Creek picnic areas (Copley’s Shingle Mill and Pistol Rock), and Maple Hollow picnic area are open. Some roads and trails at higher elevations are closed due to snow and wet muddy conditions. Contact the Fillmore Ranger District for the most current information.

Fremont River Ranger District (435) 836-2800:
All campgrounds are open with fees. 
Please call the Fremont River Ranger District Office for the most current and up to date information.

Richfield Ranger District (435) 896-9233:
All campgrounds will be open, and all will have water available. Seven mile road may be closed due to snow, please call the Ranger district for more info.

Manti-LaSal National Forest (435) 637-2817 or https://www.fs.usda.gov/mantilasal
Price (435) 637-2817 and Ferron Ranger District (435) 384-2372:

Huntington Canyon is closed to camping on either side of State Route 31 from the Forks of Huntington to North Hughes Canyon. Joes Valley campground is open with fees; drinking water is available. Indian Creek, Lake Canyon, Little Bear, Miller Flat Reservoir, Potters Pond, Willow Lake, Gooseberry, Gooseberry Reservoir and Fish Creek are open but with no water. The Ferron to Mayfield road is gated beyond Willow Lake, due to snow. Campsites in lower Huntington Canyon (below Forks of Huntington) will also be open with no water. Other road gates are expected to be open for the weekend. Please contact the district for up-to-date information.

Sanpete Ranger District (435) 283-4151:
Lake Hill and Manti-Community campgrounds are open with water. Maple Canyon and Twin Lake campgrounds are open with no water. South Skyline Drive is closed due to snow, as is access to Twelve Mile Flat campground. North Skyline Drive will be open from both State Road 31 and State Road 6, but through access is likely to be blocked by snow. Please contact the district for up-to-date information.

Moab Ranger District (435) 259-7155:
Warner Lake, Oowah Lake and Buckeye Reservoir campgrounds are open with fees and no water. Geyser Pass and La Sal Pass are closed at higher elevations due to snow.

Monticello Ranger District (435) 587-2041:
Nizhioni campground is open with water. Buckboard, Dalton, and Devil’s Canyon campgrounds are open without water. All major roads are open except North Creek Pass Road.

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest (801) 999-2103 https://www.fs.usda.gov/uwcnf
Pleasant Grove Ranger District (801) 785-3563:
Little Mill and Granite Flat campgrounds, will be open no water. Hope and Rock Canyon campgrounds will open no water on May 25, 2018. All other campgrounds on the district are not open. All picnic areas are open with fees, but water is not available. North Fork road (Forest Service road #085), Squaw Peak road (Forest Service road #027), Silver Lake Flat road (Forest Service road #008) are now open. The Alpine Loop (Utah State road 92), Cascade Springs road (Forest Service road #114) will open May 25, 2018. Timpooneke road (Forest Service road #056) will remain closed due to wet and muddy conditions. A Recreation Pass is required for all of our standard amenity fee sites. Passes accepted are: The American Fork Canyon/Alpine Scenic Loop or Mirror Lake Highway passes, 3-Day ($6), 7-day ($12) or Annual Pass ($45) and any of the America the Beautiful Federal Lands passes. All passes must be visibly displayed while in these areas. The Wet Trail Closure in American Fork Canyon is now in effect for the following trails: Pine Hollow (Forest Service trail #047), Mill Canyon (Forest Service trail #040), Tibble Fork (Forest Service trail #041), Salamander Flat (Forest Service trail #150), Ridge Trail (Forest Service trail #157), Mud Springs (Forest Service trail #173), Willow Hollow (Forest Service trail #159), and South Fork Little Deer Creek (Forest Service trail #252). This means these trails are open only to hiking until the signs are removed. Keep in mind that even hiking/running can cause long term damage if the trails are too saturated. Other trails that are not part of the closure may also be too wet to ride. If wet trail conditions are encountered please turn around to avoid long term trail damage. Alternatives would be the front country trails for hiking and horseback riding; Battle Creek, Grove Creek, and Dry Canyon. Wilderness Trails: Timpanogos will still have snow and possible snow bridges crossing river drainages. People are cautioned not to continue past their skill level for traveling on snow and have appropriate gear needed for snow travel.

Spanish Fork Ranger District (801) 798-3571:
All campsites should be open by Memorial Day weekend. Nebo loop should be open by May 24. Payson Lakes, Blackhawk, Diamond, Maple Bench, Ponderosa, Balsam and Whiting campgrounds are open with water and fees. Bear Canyon and Maple Lake, Cherry, campgrounds are open with fees, but no water. Sawmill Hollow, Dry Canyon, Vernon Reservoir and Cottonwood campgrounds are open with no water or fees. All roads are open.

Ogden Ranger District (801) 625-5112:
All campgrounds are open with fees, except Monte Cristo and Jefferson Hunt. All boat ramps and picnic areas around Pineview Reservoir are open with fees. State Highway 39 is open. Access to the undeveloped areas beyond the Monte Cristo gate will be limited due to snow in higher elevations. Lower elevation roads and trails are open. Please tread lightly and avoid traveling on roads and trails when muddy.

Logan Ranger District (435) 755-3620:
All campgrounds and picnic areas will be open with fees, except Tony Grove, Red Banks and Sunrise campgrounds. Low elevation roads and trails are open. Mid-elevation road gates (2nd gate in High Creek, 2nd gate in Green Canyon, Cowley/Herd, 1st gate in Temple Fork, Forestry Camp, and Pole Hollow) are scheduled to open June 1. Upper elevation roads (Marie Springs, 2nd gate in Temple Fork, Twin Creek and Dip Hollow) are closed with gates scheduled to open on June 15th. The best opportunities for undeveloped camping will be in Left Hand Fork of Blacksmith Fork and Franklin Basin.

Salt Lake Ranger District (801) 466-6411:
Tanners Flat campground in Little Cottonwood Canyon is open and Spruces campground in Big Cottonwood Canyon will be partially open with fees on May 25. Storm Mountain, Ledgemere, Birches and Dogwood picnic areas in Big Cottonwood Canyon are open with fees, but no drinking water. Upper, Main and South areas in Box Elder, Church Fork, Maple Grove and Terraces picnic areas are open with fees, no water. Remember Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons are Salt Lake City Municipal Watersheds and dogs are not allowed in these canyons. Farmington Canyon road is open to the intersection with Francis Peak road and Skyline Drive. Ward Canyon road is open to the intersections of Skyline Drive and Sessions Mountain where gates are still locked due to muddy conditions and snow. Mueller Park picnic area in Davis County is open with water and fees. Fernwood picnic area in Layton is open with water. South Willow Canyon road (Stansbury Mountains, west of Tooele and Grantsville), all campgrounds are open with fees. These campgrounds do not have water available, take your own water.

Heber-Kamas Ranger District (435)-654-0470 or (435)783-4338:
All picnic areas within the Heber area are open with water and fees except for Mill Hollow, Wolf Creek and Whiskey Springs. The Strawberry Visitor Center will be open Thursday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. starting Thursday, May 24. Wolf Creek Pass (Utah State road 35) is open. The Mirror Lake Highway (Utah State road 150) from Kamas, Utah to Evanston, Wyoming is open. Currant Creek, Smith and Morehouse, and Strawberry Bay campgrounds are open with fees and water. Aspen Grove, Lodgepole, and Solider Creek campgrounds are all open with fees, and no water. All other campgrounds are still closed due to snow. All roads are wet and muddy, or snow covered above 7,500 feet. All high elevation lakes and trails are still inaccessible. Visitors utilizing recreation sites outside the developed campgrounds are required to display a Mirror Lake Recreation Pass. One to three day passes are $6.00, seven day passes are $12.00, and annual passes are $45.00. Passes can be purchased at the Kamas Work Center, Heber- Kamas Ranger District Office, Evanston Ranger District, and local businesses in Kamas, Utah and Evanston, Wyoming.

Evanston/Mountain View Ranger Districts (307) 789-3194 or (307) 782-6555:
Evanston: Bear River, East Fork, Christmas Meadows, Meeks, Stillwater, Beaver View, Hayden Fork and Sulphur campgrounds on the Evanston Ranger District will have sites available, with no water, but with fees. Some sites may be too wet to camp in. The Lily Lake dump station is not open. The Bear River Ranger Station will be open for Memorial Day weekend. The planned opening date is Friday, May 25, 2018. Early season hours will be Thursday – Monday 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The ranger station will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday for the first weeks of the season. July – Labor Day hours will be Sunday – Thursday 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Friday – Saturday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Whitney Reservoir is accessible. Use care when selecting a place to camp. Lyman Lake campground and Elizabeth Pass are not open. Trails above 9,000 feet are wet, muddy or snow covered. Forest crews are doing maintenance work to remove dead trees in campgrounds, so please look up and around before choosing a campsite. Visitors recreating or primitive camping along the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway must display a fee pass. 1-3 Day passes are $6.00, 7-day passes are $12.00 and annual passes are $45.00. Passes are no longer needed in developed (concessionaire ran) campgrounds. Passes can be purchased at Forest Service Offices in Kamas, Utah; Evanston, Wyoming; local business in Kamas, and the Bear River Lodge.

Mountain View: Meeks Cabin Reservoir, Stateline Reservoir, Bridger Lake, Marsh Lake, China Meadows, Henry’s Fork and Hoop Lake campgrounds are accessible with no water or fees but will begin charging as soon as water is up and running safely, which they are working on now. Quarter Corner Lake is also accessible. There is still snow in patches in shady areas across the district. The Stateline dump station will be closed until water is ready to go. Trails are wet and muddy down low with a lot of snow still in place within a few miles up the trails. We have received more snow in the last week and rain in lower elevations. Please pack out what you pack in. Temperatures are still freezing at night. We encourage visitors to not drive in wet areas due to the damage it will cause until conditions improve. There are many dead and fallen trees on our district, so please look up and around before choosing a campsite and when hiking.

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