2020 Nursing Graduates Honored in Unique Way


In lieu of the traditional graduation ceremony that takes place each spring, which is not being hosted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, those that were graduating from the nursing program at USU Eastern were honored in a unique way.

On Friday, the well-known Danielle Howa Pendergrass invited the community to set out a lamp on their porch or in their window to congratulate and highlight those that will be entering the world of nursing.

“Join us tonight in celebrating Utah State University Eastern’s nursing graduating class of 2020,” Pendergrass shared on Friday. “Nurses celebrate their official entry into this beautiful and highly-revered profession through pinning and lamp lighting ceremonies. I’m asking you to join us tonight for our lamp lighting ceremony by displaying a luminary at your home.”

She continued by expressing that the lamp lighting ceremony symbolizes the light that nurses become to their patients and is a symbol of hope and comfort to those that are suffering. The community responded in a large way, with many sharing their own lamps and candles that they lit for the 2020 class.

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