2020 Preliminary Election Results


Nov. 3 marked the 2020 election. While the results that have been released this far are preliminary and unofficial, the following is what has been reported as of Tuesday evening.

Donald Trump topped the Carbon County votes for the Presidential election, ending with 6,255 votes. Candidate Joe Biden received 2,306. Similarly, in Emery County, 4,166 votes went to Trump while Biden received 566.

In the state of Utah, there were four candidates for U.S. House District Three. These candidates were incumbent Congressman John Curtis, Daniel Clyde Cummings, Thomas G. McNeill and Devin Thorpe. With the results of the poll, Curtis was named the winning candidate with 158,592 votes. Other votes included Thorpe with 62,496, Cummings with 4,968 and McNeill with 4,248.

Chris Peterson, Greg Duerden, Spencer Cox and Daniel Cottom were in the race for Governor, with Karina Brown, Wayne Hill, Deidre Henderson and Barry Shorty vying for the Lt. Governor position. Cox and Henderson were the winners in this race with 603,957 (63.87%) votes. Other votes included 298.057 for Peterson, 28,375 for Cottam and 15,141 for Duerden.

For Utah Attorney General, three candidates were on the ballot for the position, including Rudy Bautista, Greg Skordas and Sean Reyes. Reyes received the top votes in this category with 572,925. Other votes included Skordas for 335,281 and Bautista for 45,803.

John Dougall, Jeffrey Oster and Brian Fabbi were in the race for Utah State Auditor, with Dougall being named the winning candidate with 662.942 votes. Other votes included Fabbi with 113,519 and Ostler with 105,931.

Richard Proctor, David Damschen and Joseph Speciale were all working to be named the next Utah State Treasurer and Damschen was victorious with 75.44% of the votes. Other votes included Speciale at 14.14% and Proctor at 10.42%.

David Hinkins and Christine Watkins were both running unopposed for the position of State Senate District 27 and State House District 69, respectively. In Carbon County, County Commissioner Casey Hopes and County Attorney Christian Bryner ran unopposed.

Gillian Bishop and Julie Paterson Medley were in the race for Carbon County Assessor with Bishop being named the triumphant candidate with 54.52% of the votes. Medley ended the day with 45.48% of the votes. Carbon County Recorder Karla Medley and County Treasurer Kay Colosimo also ran unopposed.

Three members of the school board for Carbon School District, Keith Cox, Melissa Swenson and Jeffrey Richens, were also unopposed candidates.

In Emery County, County Commissioner Lynn Sitterud, County Assessor Kris Bell and Country Treasurer/Recorder Josie K. Stilson all ran unopposed.

For the Emery School Board, Ralph Worthen and McKenzi Guymon vied for the School Board District One position with Guymon winning the most votes at 609 and Worthen coming in at 333 votes. Meanwhile, Tracey Johnson was unopposed in District Two. For District Three, Jessy Johansen and Todd Huntington vied for the spot. Huntington received 511 votes while Johansen tallied 412 votes.

The proposed Emery County School District Bond was also on the ballet, which was found 55.46% in favor and 44.54% in opposition.

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