2022 Emery County Trails Committee Motto: “We’re Not Through”


By Robin Hunt

Emery County Trails Committee Chair Les Wilberg sent an email to the committee and its partners announcing that the next two trail committee meetings will be cancelled. This is in order for committee members to spend time with their families this holiday season. 

“The relationship with the Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service, I feel, is as good as it has ever been and I hope this will continue in the years to come,” Wilberg wrote.

The committee is comprised of specific recreation enthusiasts, a Bureau of Land Management representative and a Forest Service representative. The purpose of the committee is to address the needs of the various trails in Emery County for all types of recreation, including motorized and non-motorized.

Wilberg concluded the letter with the new logo and motto for the upcoming year. “2022: We’re Not Through.”

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