2022 General Session Approaches the End


By Representative Carl Albrecht, District 70

Week 6 of the General Session 

We are entering the final week of the General Session as it ends on March 4.

Generational Investments 

One of our top priorities this session is to build a legacy through generational investments. As the state looks forward, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make large-scale investments. The following bills will ensure our kids and grandkids continue to enjoy the quality of life we know and love.

  • HB 409 Recreation Infrastructure Amendments: Establishes sustainable funding for outdoor recreation across the state.
  • HB 443 Utah Inland Port Authority Amendments: Aligns the UIPA board with its statewide mission and creates a process for the port and local counties and municipalities to work together to bring about economic and community benefits throughout the state.

Visits from U.S. Senators

Each session, we have visits from our Washington D.C. Delegation. Last week, we welcomed Senator Mitt Romney and Senator Mike Lee to our caucus.

State Budget 

While the Utah government is flushed with extra cash from federal funding, expanding the state budget isn’t necessarily the best course of action. Learn more about how one-time money should not be designated to ongoing funding projects by watching this short video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFa0xnV8FDY.

College Football Teams Recognized

Last week, we celebrated the University of Utah and Utah State University’s football teams for their successful seasons. The teams represented Utah well in both the Rose Bowl and the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl. Go Utes and Aggies!

North Sevier Student at the Capitol

Last week, North Sevier High School student Cauy Williams joined me at the Capitol to learn about the legislative process. After the experience, Cauy said, “I loved seeing how the lawmaking process functions and how hard you work to represent rural Utah.”

Meeting with Senator Lee

Last week, I had the pleasure to attend a meeting with Senator Lee. An important topic discussed was the amount of control that the federal government has over public lands in Utah. Public lands are an important asset to Utah. It is important that local and national agencies work together to protect public lands and allow access for local industries, grazing, hunting and fishing, ATVs, etc. I look forward to pursuing legislation that benefits and improves public lands in rural Utah.

Rural Educators Meeting

I meet with rural educators each Thursday, when available, to discuss legislation that impacts schools in rural Utah. A crucial topic that we discussed was the importance of parent’s feedback in schools. We also discussed the status of the funding process to implement a statewide full day kindergarten option to all districts.

HB418 – Grid Resilience Committee

On Tuesday, I presented my bill HB 418 – Grid Resilience Committee, in the House Public Utilities Committee. This bill creates a committee to oversee the development of making Utah’s infrastructure more resilient from unforeseen events. It passed the House on Thursday.

Status of My Bills

  • SCR3 – Concurrent Resolution Highlighting Utah’s Rare Earth Mineral Position: This bill has been signed into law by the Governor.
  • HB46, HB101, HB125, HB168, HB215 (2nd Sub): These bills passed the Legislature and are waiting for the Governor’s signature.
  • HB180 (3rd Sub): This bill passed Senate Transportation and Public Utilities Committee and is on the Senate calendar.
  • HB418 (1st Sub) – Grid Resilience Committee: This bill passed the House Public Utilities Committee and recently passed the House. This bill has been sent to the Senate and was heard in committee on Monday, Feb. 28.

Natural Gas National Trade Association Meeting

Last week, I talked to a National Trade Association about the development of natural gas in Utah. We discussed the current status and future development of natural gas in Utah.

State Bank of Southern Utah Meeting

In addition, I met with bankers from the State Bank of Southern Utah from Richfield. We talked about my work on rural issues, and the big divide between urban and rural policy in Utah, which I refer to as “the Payson/Dixon Line.”

Navajo Nation Meeting

On Friday, I met with a delegate from the Navajo Nation Council. We discussed the importance of the Navajo Nation being involved in legislation. We look forward to working together to develop energy infrastructure in Utah.

I will be keeping you updated throughout the final week of the session on important issues that impact you. Thank you.

You can contact me directly by email at carlalbrecht@le.utah.gov. You can also text or call me at (435) 979-6578. My intern is Curtis Sheets, a student at Utah State University Eastern. His email address is csheets@le.utah.gov and his telephone number is (385) 420-3096. I look forward to representing all the needs and interests of all rural Utah.

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