2023 Happenings in Ferron City


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By Julie Johansen

The Ferron City Council approved the consent agenda as its regular meeting began on Jan. 11. This included an utility adjustment and approval of the December minutes.

The next item was the approval of the holiday closure dates for 2023. Mayor Adele Justice then asked the council members if their current assignments, including Peach Day responsibilities, were okay, to which the council affirmed that they have no concerns and will continue will their present assignments. Approval was then given by the council for a five-year lease of city property with Kash and Valerie Winn.

Mayor Justice then welcomed Tracy Behling, president of the Ferron Canal Company, to the meeting. The discussion continued about Ferron City’s water lease with the canal company.

The water lease is for 300 acre feet of water per year for culinary water. The mayor reported what the use has been over the last several years as 2022 usage numbers have not yet been made available. The existing lease is currently working for both parties and can be renewed and signed.

Mayor Justice also explained the secondary water allotment, which is 1,677 shares with 100 shares dedicated to the golf course. Behling suggested that the city no longer require a share of water, but require a fee for a culinary hookup as this takes water off the market.

Another reason was that a share is more water than is needed for one household. Secondary water hookups do require a share of water for an acre of land and are prorated as the amount of property increases.

Behling continued that the cost is the same for anyone using water in Ferron, agriculture or residential use, which is $17.50 per share. “Our arms are around the water because everyone here works together,” Behling said.

When asked about the installation of secondary meters, he replied that every bit of water is already measured. The index fee in lieu of a share for culinary is currently $1,500. The hook up would be in addition. Mayor Justice thanked him for attending the meeting and stated the city’s appreciation for their partnership and the ability to work together.

During the mayoral reports, she thanked the crew for the speedy clean up job after the wind destruction at the cemetery and said that the insurance company has been contacted. Updates will be given as they are received.

The mayor also reported an open meeting training on Jan. 24 at the Emery County administration building. This will also be offered on Zoom as well. It was then stated that the personnel policy needs revision, especially regarding paycheck dates on holidays, for which the city’s attorney will be contacted.

She continued, stating that bid packages have been sent to contractors for work on the Adventure Hub, but some of the concrete may have to be completed by the city. Mayor Justice is hoping that as soon as the weather breaks, construction will begin.

Councilman Brad Richman then questioned a rabies/licensing clinic. The dates are Thursday, Jan. 26 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and again on Saturday, Jan. 28 from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. Both clinics will be at the Ferron City Fire House. Councilperson Gerry Stotler requested that regulations be made to ensure city facilities are taken care of. She will also be the acting media personnel for Ferron City.

Councilman Dell Mead next reported minimal animal control issues and a concern about no lights on the flag pole at the golf course. It was decided that the flag should be removed in the winter.

To conclude, the maintenance department stated that the snow plow is fixed and back in operation. The snow on metal buildings and removal was also discussed because of the danger when it falls off.

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