2024 Primary Election Results Are In


The 2024 Primary Republican Election took place on Tuesday, June 25. Citizens were urged to get out and vote to have their voices heard in what has proven to be a very lively election year.

Dennis R. Worwood and David H. Sebring were in the running for Emery County Commissioner, with Wordwood pulling in 73.21% of the votes, which was 1,547 votes. Sebring received 26.79% (566).

There were three hopefuls running for the Emery County School Board, District 1 seat. They were Troy Winter, McKenzie Nielson Guymon and Benjamin Taney. Guymon was successful in earning the most votes at 46.32% (258). Guymon was followed by Taney with 29.98% (167) and Winter with 23.70% (132).

Three hopefuls were vying for the seat of Carbon County Commission. They were Paul Riddle, Max Jones and Jared Haddock. Haddock came out with the most wins at 49.53% (1,269), followed by Jones at 32.83% (841) and Riddle at 17.64% (452).

For County Assessor, Gillan Bishop ran for re-election, while Amy Schmidt-Peters was a new candidate. Schmidt-Peters swept the competition with 66.67% (1,690) of the votes, while Bishop received 33.33% (845).

The Republican’s running for U.S. Senate were John Curtis, Jason J. Walton, Brad Wilson and Trent Staggs. In Emery County, Curtis swept the competition with 55.14% of the votes, which was 1,143 votes. The results were similar in Carbon County, with 56.83% going to Curtis.

Republican’s for U.S. House 3 were Jr Bird, John “Frugal” Dougall, Stewart Peay, Case Lawrence and Mike Kennedy. The winner was Kennedy with 632 votes in Emery County and 903 in Carbon.

Republican’s for Governor and Lt. Governor were the duos of Phil Lyman/Natalie Clawson and Spencer Cox/Diedre Henderson. The race was tight and in Emery, Lyman and Clawson pulled just ahead of Cox and Henderson (47.29%) with 52.71% of the votes in their favor. The result was almost mirrored in Carbon County, with Lyman and Clawson receiving 52.14%.

The Republican race for Attorney General was between Derek Brown, Frank Demcy Mylar and Rachel Terry. Brown won both the Carbon and Emery races, securing 1,052 votes in Emery and 1,079 in Carbon.

In the State Auditor run, Ricky Hatch and Tina Cannon threw their hats in the ring, with Cannon coming out ahead of Hatch (44.18%) with 55.82% in Emery. In Carbon, Hatch received 45.50% of the votes and Cannon received 54.50%.

For State House 67, Emery County voters favored Thomas L. Hansen (63.06%) over Christine Facer Watkins (36.94%). However, Carbon voters favored Watkins with 56.31% of the votes over Hansen’s 43.69%.

Finally, for State House 69, Lynn Jackson had Emery County’s vote at 61.33%, in comparison to Logan Monson, who had 38.67% of the votes.

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