2024 Rural County Grant Recipients Approved


Shanny Wilson, Carbon County Economic Development and Tourism Director, visited the commissioners during their meeting on Wednesday evening to discuss the consideration and possible approval of the 2024 Rural County Grant funding.

Wilson explained that they were very fortunate to receive another $200,000 from the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity. Funding is received each year as long as appropriate steps are taken and this year, the board decided to up the closing dates for applicants.

In the first year funding was received, there were about five applicants. This year, there were 22 applications that came through, which Wilson credited as great news. They were able to add $60,000 from projects in the past that was not used and, of those 22 applications, 15 were approved and nine received full funding.

Businesses that were awarded included, but were not limited to, AJB Broadcasting, Automill Industries, the Business Technical Assistance Center (BTAC), Flawless Sheeting, Helper Beer, Intermark Steel, Juniper Cafe and Loveless Ash.

These businesses requested assistance for expansion that would, in the view of the board, add additional employees or tax base to the county. The board was happy to give to these businesses and help them grow.

Layne Miller of the Price City Council requested to speak during this presentation, stating that it is important to know how well the board functions. Being part of the board and the decisions made there are one of the things that he does that he really enjoys, stating that the board consists of some very experienced members that do a great job.

The grant application can be located on the Carbon County website under Economic Development and the Rural County Grant. Guidelines are outlined on the website and those that wish to apply can fill out the application online or print out a PDF. Already, there are two applicants for the 2025 funding.

This grant is a 50/50, 1-to-1 match and those that are applying must detail how they plan to pay for their portion in the application. The 2024 recipients were approved by the council.

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