24/7 Dads Workshop Ready to Strengthen Families


Free online parenting workshops are being offered for fathers in the local community by Utah State University. This workshop is entitled 24/7 Dads and features a myriad of topics geared toward better communication and skills to reach your children.

Topics include how to set and enforce rules, how to increase the odds children will make good choices (even when dad is not around), how to strengthen relationships with your children, increasing cooperation and more.

The course is aimed for fathers, or father-figures, with children that are between the ages of zero and 24. Those that wish to participate must reside in Utah and be aged 18 or older. These classes are slated  for Tuesday, May 26 and Wednesday, June 3. Both classes will begin at 7 p.m and last approximately two hours.

The five-session courses are facilitated live by USU educators. Those that are interested in registering for the courses or obtaining more information may click here to do so.

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