30 Doghouses Donated to Carbon County Animal Shelter by Lighthouse High School


The manufacturing class at Lighthouse High School, taught by Randy Feik, recently put their hard work to good use with a special project that benefited local animals.

Another teacher recently approached Feik and proposed the idea of the students building doghouses that could be donated to the Carbon County Animal Shelter. Wayne Clausing of Sutherlands was then contacted in regards of materials needed. Clausing worked with the school on the material list, agreeing to pay 50% of the bill.

Kevin Norried of Kevin’s Abby Carpets also donated to this project by giving a roll of brand-new carpet with minor damage to the school. This carpet was used as the lining inside the doghouse and as the door flaps.

This project took the students nearly three weeks from start to finish. When asked what their favorite part of the project was, one student stated that she enjoyed how everyone came together and demonstrated great teamwork. Another student expressed that painting and having everyone in the shop was really enjoyable for him.

The teens were able to build 30 doghouses that were donated to the shelter on Friday morning.

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