Emery County Libraries Receive New Computers


Every library in Emery County will receive a new computer for patron usage thanks to a grant for the state library. As part of the grant, the libraries must turn in information on how often computers are used and how many patrons they serve.

The director of Emery County Libraries was pleased to show that computers in Emery County Libraries are important to the citizens who live there. The libraries have served over 31,000 patrons with their available computers thus far and does not include the free Wi-Fi that patrons can use on their own devices.

As computers become more and more important in every day life, having public computer access at each Emery County library will help those who could not otherwise afford it. The computers also allow libraries to assist patrons with downloading ebooks and audiobooks onto personal devices.

The local libraries are also pleased to announce the return of preschool story time starting next week. Story times vary at each location and can be found out by calling the desired library.

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