Back Country Flyers Coming to Emery County


By Sara Price

Emery County has proudly hosted the Back Country Flyers event for the past several years. In preparation for this year, commissioners have been tackling a Huntington Airport improvement project.

As part of this project, the airfield needed a new fuel aviation tank. Using Peirce Oil Company, Emery County was able to install a new 10,000-gallon aviation fuel tank at the airport. This new tank required plumbing, electricity, electrical pumps, a credit card reader and a large display.

Arrowhead Construction Company has completed the foundation for the fuel tank as well as the plumbing for new restrooms and CTX worked on the restrooms. Now, the airport is ready to receive the Back Country Flyers.

However, there is more work to be done. Commission members would like to see a sidewalk installed that runs around the building and connects the restrooms with the pavilion. Therefore, they approved to move funds in order to complete that project. They also plan to submit a five-year upgrade plan to the State Aeronautics Office for approval.

The commissioners would like welcome everyone to come to the event that will take place at Huntington Airport on September 27 and 28. They are expecting between 100-110 airplanes to land at the airport throughout the weekend weekend and residents will be able to see the planes and chat with the pilots. A local car club will also be in attendance to display several classical cars on Saturday.

The San Rafael Museum will be extending its hours to accommodate in honor of the out of town pilots.

“It is a totally different world for someone coming from Minnesota,” Commissioner J.R. Nelson said to explain why the pilots should visit the museum.

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