4-H Cloverbuds Enjoy Summer Camp


USU Extension Press Release

Carbon County 4-H hosted its first annual 4-H Cloverbud Summer Camp, Day of the Cloverbud-asarus, on Aug. 4. Held at Wellington Park, youth ages 5-8 participated in a morning of exploration, science, games and fun.

4-H Cloverbuds is a name given to a 4-H club membership for youth five to eight years of age (kindergarten through second grades). The purpose of the Cloverbuds program is similar to the traditional 4-H program: helping youth become competent, caring and contributing citizens through the development of life skills. 4-H Cloverbuds members participate in monthly activities called clubs and learn what it means to be part of 4-H, which is the largest positive youth development program in the United States. This year, Castleview Hospital has partnered with 4-H Cloverbuds to help support this program in Carbon County.

“COVID-19 interrupted the monthly activities of our 4-H Cloverbuds,” said Christina Pay, a USU Extension faculty member who supervises the club, “We wanted the Cloverbuds Summer Camp to be extra special and fun for the kids so they could experience all the benefits of participation in Cloverbuds they missed with the cancellation of their monthly activities.”

The theme of the summer camp was based on dinosaurs and all activities reflected that theme. Youth began the day by acting as paleontologists, excavating dinosaurs frozen in ice. Following the dinosaur excavation activity, they participated in a dinosaur egg drop. Participants used cushioning material to create a box and speculated whether or not the eggs would break. Boxes were then dropped from the top of a ladder.

Other activities included making a dinosaur terrarium, going on a nature scavenger hunt, having a “dino” egg on a spoon race, painting rocks for Castleview Hospital’s #CVrocks project and ending the camp by eating lunch provided by Carbon School District.

4-H Cloverbud registration for the 2020-21 school year begins on Sept. 1 and adults can register children that are interested in the program online at https://4h.zsuite.org/. Children must be five years old and in kindergarten to enroll and can remain in Cloverbuds until they complete second grade. There is a $10 registration fee for the full school year. Questions can be directed to USU Extension – Carbon County 4-H by calling (435) 636-3233 or by emailing christina.pay@usu.edu .

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