4-H Working Ranch Horse Gives Year End Awards


By Julie Johansen

Five working ranch horse county gatherings held throughout the summer resulted in awarding the top members in each age division on Monday night.

4-H members were able to drop their lowest score and use the top four scores trying to capture one of the top awards. Age divisions include third grade through fifth grade, Juniors; sixth through eighth grade, Intermediate’ and ninth grade through 12th, Seniors. The year started with about 18 members but a few have dwindled as school started. Competition events included reining, sorting, and heading and heeling. Tammy Duncan was the event coordinator.

Receiving awards in the Senior Division were Rance Jensen, first; McKray Duncan, second; and Newt Oveson, third.

Intermediate division: McKinlee Duncan, first; Maryn Allrled, second; Stockton Jensen, third; Jarin Allen, fourth; Jacob Ewell, fifth; and JW Oveson was sixth. 

Junior division winners are Stace Gilbert, first; Makaila Peacock, second; Rylie Allred, third; and Ethan Gilbert finished fourth.

First and second place winners received a buckle while third and fourth places were awarded saddle blankets. Every participant received a bucket, monogrammed jacket, t-shirt, rope bag and apple horse treats.

Dennis Worwood was honored for his guidance as the Emery County Extension Agent. He, in return, gave thanks to all the parents and adults that have helped with the program this past year, stating, “The horse 4-H program requires more adults than any other 4-H program.”

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