5th Annual What a Woman Wants Expo Enthralls Once More


Each year, businesses, organizations and other entities pull their best products and resources to spotlight the female aspect of the community at the What a Woman Wants Expo. This year, the fifth annual event took place at the Carbon County Events Center on Friday and Saturday and had something for every woman.

The proceeds from the event benefit the USU Eastern Cosmetology department yearly. From a favorite hairstyle contest to a bake sale and catered food, to massages and fashion shows, plenty happened throughout the weekend to keep those in attendance entertained. Clothing, home goods, crafting products and more were available for perusal and purchase.

The event was organized by the USU Eastern Cosmetology department, including students and instructor Debbie Prichard. Amanda Paiz from Marketing Elevated and the Tony Basso Group partnered with Karra Hillam of Edgy Bling to assist the cosmetology department in this annual fundraiser. Funds raised will provide scholarships for students wishing to dive in to the local beauty program.

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